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About eGuru

What is eGuru?

eGuru is the future of therapy. It also offers lifelong coaching and mentorship. It is not an app. It is a set of apps. It is a philosophy. It is designed to deliver low-intensity interventions for common emotional health problems. It will also provide life coaching for a successful, happy and spiritually enriched life. It is based on principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. However, it also borrows techniques from other evidence-based interventions. Unlike the currently available apps which do not go beyond thought diaries, eGuru is a complete therapy solution. It also offers support for a variety of issues. A unique feature of the eGuru is a basic formulation, termed as the “circle of thoughts”. It also provides a “safe room” that you can use when things get tough. Choice of the therapist is an essential component of engagement. eGuru gives you the option of choosing your therapist. Most importantly; eGuru is constantly evolving and growing.

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What is CBT?


CBT focuses on correcting distorted thinking patterns and altering behaviors to relieve self-defeating attitudes, reduce symptoms, and improve well-being. eGuru is based on self help manuals developed and tested by the team.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven to be the most effective psychological therapy for a range of problems including PTSD, panic attacks, generalised anxiety, OCD, and some eating disorders, and is among the most effective for depression and some personality disorders. More recently research has found it to be effective for psychosis. It is also used worldwide for personal growth and development and is widely used by success coaches.


We are living in the age of digital CBT, i.e., CBT delivered through digital media. Studies show that digital cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy. All our programs are based on CBT and provide you with the information, tools and guidance you need to overcome your problems.

Unique eGuru Features

eGuru for life App Features

The Safe Room

Safe room is one of the unique feature of this program. You can use it in an emergency. It is like a panic button. Please go the safe room when you are in distress.

Choose Your eGuru

Although the eGuru is set as default you can always choose a Guru of your choice. If you want another Guru to be added to the list of Gurus please write to us.

Circle of thoughts

The “circle of thought” is what we call a five areas formulation. It helps people to understand how their thoughts are linked with their emotions, physical sensations and their behaviours. you can see that by changing the thought you can change your emotions, physical sensations and your behaviours.

Choose your problem

The most unique aspect of this app is that unlike the currently available apps it provides solutions to a variety of problem. And we are constantly updating it.

Monitor Your Progress

The eGuru starts your week by asking you questions to measure your problem. These questions are developed on the basis of research. You can monitor your progress by going to “Your Progress” section in the main menu.

Practice makes Perfect

Setting the reminders is another useful function of the eGuru. The idea behind therapy is practising what you learn. At the end of each module you are asked to set reminders. You can always change the settings of these reminders in “Set Reminders” in main menu.



eGuru is a therapy program, and we recommend that you go through this tutorial to gain maximum benefit from it. This is a complete solution to your emotional health problems and offers solutions to a variety of challenges...

Safe Room

Safe room is the most unique feature of this program. You can use it in an emergency. It is like a panic button. When you click on this button it takes you through 3 steps...


This module is an essential part of the anxiety and stress related problems in eGuru. This explains the fight and flight reaction of the human body and how breathing can help you reverse the physical and psychological responses....

Problem Solving

As far as we are aware a problem solving approach has not been used so far in a digital intervention. This is a complex intervention and therefore this is not surprising. The eGuru uses an intelligent algorithm to help you solve your problems...


Thought module is the basis of eGuru. This is a CBT program. Although, this is based in self help, it goes beyond the traditional CBT apps that focus on a lot of audios or videos or are limited only to thought diaries. This module spreads over three weeks. During the first week you will learn how to recognize thoughts that are causing problems. The circle of thoughts will help you see how your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviours are linked with the events in your life...

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